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Watch Cecilia's Summer-To-Fall School Looks Video

Cecilia's Summer-To-Fall School Looks

It's September! And that means back to school! Since it's not quite fall, but no longer summer, we need transitional outfits that can cover us in the chilly mornings and keep us cool in the warm afternoons! We asked our beautiful friend Cecilia to share 4 back to school outfits that can bring us from sunny summer into our favorite season... autumn :) Each look is school appropriate AND seasonally appropriate and found at Plato's Closet, duh!
Watch Plato's Closet Stylist: Elesa Anthony's Back To School Essentials Video

Plato's Closet Stylist: Elesa Anthony's Back To School Essentials

Plato's Closet Stylist and YouTuber Elesa Anthony shares her essentials for back to school!
Watch 3 Ways To Wear Neck Scarves Video

3 Ways To Wear Neck Scarves

Ahh neck scarves. So cute, so easy, but so intimidating to wear! In this video, you'll see three super simple, super stylish ways to wear bandanas and neck ties, ways that will take your summer look to the next level!
Watch Day In L.A. Video

Day In L.A.

Finally! I'm slow and so sorry, but SO HAPPY to share with you a little travel vlog about my 2 days in L.A. Not much more to say about it, just check it out :)
Watch A Color Story Video

A Color Story

It's summer, a season of colors vibrant, serious, wild, free, and fun. This summer, I feel like getting out of my comfort zone and into a more saturated world where bright colors can express my mood and my style. I want to shout out and stand out, and these yellows, blues, and greens are saying things to the world without me having to speak. I am serious and thoughtful, sweet and fun, and wild and free all at once. A Color Story is my summer cookbook style by Plato's Closet.
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